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The Reception...


Laughing during my Maid of Honor's speech. It was witty, and intelligent, and absolutely wonderful - especially considering she didn't write it beforehand.

"When I first met Heather, she thought I was Amish and I thought she was a hippie.
One of us was right, I'll let you guess who."


My father and I.


The cake, topper, and matching serving set. If you look closely you can see the indent from where the bakery tried to put the topper on top, but it ended up being too heavy.


Cutting the cake.

And Curtis feeding it to me...

He ignored the taunts of, "smash it into her face!" from the crowd.

I love this photo. It embodies everything that is the cake
(taken just after I'd cut the guest cake, but not yet served any pieces. This little guy just couldn't keep his eyes off it.)


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